Power Dental Practice

Dr Jessica Hou

General Dentist

Dr Jessica Hou graduated from the University of Queensland with honours. She started her career in Port Macquarie but has moved back to Sydney after a couple of years to be closer to her family. Jessica decided to become a dentist after discovering it was a career that combined her interests in science, art and caring for others. Jessica is deeply committed to offering the best care to her patients by staying up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry. She is especially gentle and empathetic towards anxious patients of all ages.

Jessica is passionate about preventative care and promoting oral health to the community. She has been to various childcare centres and worked with the National Dental Foundation to educate people about their oral health. She has also been to Vanuatu as a volunteer delivering emergency dental service to remote communities. When she’s not looking at teeth, Jessica enjoys sketching, yoga and going to the beach.

Dr Hou is also able to speak Mandarin.