Family Dental Care

Family dental care has always been at the heart of Power Dental Practice’s approach to dentistry.

Strong believers in prevention being better than cure, all the Dentists and our Dental Hygienist are keen to see adults and children improve their oral health and maintain it. We have seen again and again that regular visits reduce the need for major dental work.

Your dentist and dental hygienist will be able to advise you on how regularly you will need to visit.

Regular prevention includes:

  • Examination of the teeth and gum tissues
  • Thorough cleaning of your teeth
  • Periodic x-rays of your teeth

Other preventive treatments we frequently carry out are:

  • Fluoride application
  • Oral hygiene instruction – how to brush and floss well to prevent dental disease
  • Fissure sealing of the pits and grooves of the back teeth before they decay
  • Custom-fitted sports mouthguards for those in contact sports

Care for anxious patients

We have found that children and the elderly tend to be the most anxious about dental visits. So we encourage more frequent family dental care visits to allow us to offer regular, comfortable preventative dental car. This can avoid the need for difficult dental treatments in future.

To make treatment more pleasant we have happy gas (nitrous oxide) available. We find it very helpful to relax the anxious patient and it is particularly helpful for children.

Nursing home visits

We are so committed to life-long prevention that we have been visiting our patients at home or in Nursing Homes in the area for regular care when they are no longer able to travel to our practice easily.

We have seen genuine improvement in the oral health of those we visit regularly in Nursing Homes and would recommend it to anyone in residential care.

Family dental care is an important focus in our practice. We look forward to your family becoming regulars at our clinic if you are not already.